Audio Visual Club

Nanyang Audio Visual (NYAV) is a CCA that specialises in 5 main aspects: Photography, Videography, Lights, Sounds and Backstage.

What do we do during CCA?

We do a range of things from crewing training, to photo outings to improve our photography skills.


Besides weekly CCA sessions, we also crew for concerts, school events and assemblies. For example, during celebrations, the crew will be in the control room doing lights, sounds, videos, while some will be taking photos of the ongoing performances. The backstage people will then be setting up mic stands.

Notable Crewing Events

Concerts: Performing Arts CCAs’ concerts (once every 2 years), Dramafest (a production by Sec 2s every year), FOA (once every 2 years during SYF).

We also have our very own biennial concerts where everything from publicity to auditioning to technical aspects are done by ourselves, with help from the schools’ technicians.

Video Editing

We make montages for various significant school events such as Dramafest, Sports Launch, Sports Closure and Singapore Youth Festival Launch. As everything needs to be done online with the current pandemic situation, we have done many montages, ranging from Founder’s Day Montage to National Day Parade Montage!


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