Nanyang basketball prides itself on the excellence of our craft and we are bold in celebrating family in this team. Led by our dedicated coach and nurturing teachers, we aim to be passionate basketballers and hope to constantly grow to be a better player on court, and a better person to our family and community.

We place great importance in our core values and what we stand for as a team – teamwork, respect, perseverance, commitment and embracing and breaking through failures. We aim to grow not only as athletes but as an individual.

Challenges and failures are an important part of our journey and our team recognises that. We are devoted to each other’s success and believe that no one should be left behind. We work on our obstacles together but are always quick to spring back up to overcome each of them. With the guidance from our teachers, coach and seniors, we hope to become more confident and prepared to face challenges along the way.

In NYBB, we are given the equal opportunity to perform and showcase our talents. Besides our Annual National School Games, we also participate in external leagues such as the Milo Cup and the Community Basketball League.

Our teachers in charge and coach also place a strong emphasis on our academic progress. Each year, we set goals for our grades and are held accountable to achieving them by our teachers and peers. Group study and consultations are common in the CCA and it has helped us a long way.

Nanyang basketball is not just a CCA, or any team. We are family. Join us as we embark on our journey in the sport and in school life. The journey is tough because we grow through the challenges together. We are never alone.


“I was never a good decision maker but joining nanyang basketball was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only have I made good friends, but my experiences and lessons learnt under the guidance of the teachers and coaches have also shaped me into a better person and leader. There is no doubt that training has been tough, but more often than not, it is the toughest times that leaves you with the fondest memories (and hardest muscles)!”

Adeline (Class of 2016)

“Memories and experiences in this CCA have helped me grow as a person. I learnt to embrace failures and recover from it. As a captain, I was also given a chance to lead and understand what it takes to be a good leader that is able to bring everyone together towards a common goal.”

Mindy Peck, Sec 4

“In NYBB, the most important thing I learnt is definitely teamwork. When one person fails, the whole team fails together. Likewise, when we win, the victory belongs to the team. NYBB made me realise that I cannot go far without my teammates, seniors, juniors, teachers, coach and even my family. Everything has to be a combined effort. Especially so when basketball is a team sport, teamwork is even more vital to victory. Putting victory aside, I would say to me it’s actually more of a life lesson that I’m grateful for in NYBB. ‘Teamwork makes dream work’”

Cheryl Lim, Sec 4

“As student-athletes, we recognise that our academics should be weighed equally. After all, this should be our first responsibility and calling as a student before. Our teachers do their best to make sure we are coping well with our studies and on our part, we are encouraged to arrange group study sessions with our teammates to help one another.”

Charlene Toe, Sec 4

“I am a DSA student and did not have a strong academic foundation to start off in sec one. But coping well with studies and cca isn’t impossible, there were always seniors, teachers and batchmates to help me out.”

Li Shilin , Sec 3

National School Games season
C Div: July
B Div: February

Off season: 2 times a week
On Season: 3 times a week



B Div: West Zone Champion National 2nd
C Div: West Zone Champion National Champion


B Div: West Zone Champion National 3rd
C Div: West Zone Champion National Champion


B Div: West Zone 2nd National Top 8
C Div: West Zone Champion National 2nd


B Div: West Zone 2nd National Champion
C Div: West Zone Champion National 2nd


B Div: West Zone Champion National 2nd
C Div: West Zone 2nd National 2nd


Shortlisted Applicants

Required: e-trials & e-interview
Date: 21 July to 6 August

(Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email at least 1 week before the date)


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