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Hello! Thank you for clicking to our CCA page. We’re NYDC (short for Nanyang Debate Club) a safe space for students to explore different world views and hone their argumentative skills. 🙂 If that sounds like something you’re interested in, keep scrolling!

Debate offers you a wide range of experiences, oriented towards the humanities. We mostly debate during CCA sessions, while we also have other activities such as current affairs quizzes (wow so fun) and fun training sessions to hone our debating skills. 

Through debates and lectures we learn critical thinking skills that are applicable to a wide range of things—from essay writing to public speaking. Debate has taught many of us to look at the world through different perspectives that many of us would have never considered, and from that, we grow as individuals to become more world-conscious and empathetic. It trains our confidence and teamwork as well, and together we are able to grow to become better debaters and better people.

What our club members have to say

“The culture of acceptance and openness in NYDC makes it the best place to figure out questions about the world and about growing up, with a whole community of debaters behind you.” 

Alina Su, Batch 22

“NYDC really expands your worldview and it really trains you to be confident and express yourself in a civilised manner. But more than that, the most important thing is the wholesomeness and the bonds you have with your batch or as a club, which is the thing I like most about NYDC.” 

Ho Xin Ping Julia, Batch 21

“NYDC is not only intellectually stimulating and invigorating, but it also offers me an avenue to share my opinions and thoughts about current affairs and practically almost everything under the sun! Joining NYDC has been the best choice I’ve made in my secondary school journey.”

Nicole Naomi Tan, Batch 20

“What I like about NYDC is how everyone, the coaches, the students, push each other to work hard to become better informed, sensible young people. These experiences, pushing each other to broaden their horizons, becoming more logical and measured, it’s brilliant. And it really puts you miles ahead of many others.”

Mr Mark Rozells, Teacher-in-charge

“It gives me much joy when alumni come back to share their experiences with their juniors. Debate isn’t just a useful skill but it also teaches you to become a better person, to make a difference in the world.” 

Mdm Kristine Oehlers, Teacher-in-charge

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship (Division 1)

  • 2023 Plate Finalist
  • 2022 2nd Runner-up
  • 2021 Runner-up
  • 2019 Champion 
  • 2018 Semi-Finalist
  • 2017 Champion

Raffles Debate Academy Under-14 Debating Championship

  • 2019 Champion 
  • 2017 Champion

Debate Association Debating Championship

  • 2022 Runner-up
  • 2021 Quarter-Finalist
  • 2020 Champion
  • 2018 Semi-Finalist

Eunoia Debating Championship

  • 2023 Champion

Lasallian Debate League

  • 2020 Semi-Finalist
  • 2019 Runner-up
  • 2018 Quarter-Finalist

Singapore International Schools Debating League

  • 2022 Quarter-Finalist
  • 2021 Quarter-Finalist
  • 2018 Champion

International Debating Championships

  • 2022 Semi-Finalist (Senior)
  • 2022 Runner-up (Junior)
  • 2021 Champion (Senior)
  • 2021 Champion (Junior)
  • 2020 Semi-Finalist

Asian Youth British Parliamentary

  • 2021 Champion (Under 14)

Oldham Cup

  • 2021 Semi-Finalist

Hwa Chong British Parliamentaries

  • 2023 Finalist (Secondary)
  • 2022 3rd Place (Open)
  • 2022 4th Place (Secondary)
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