Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe cum 24 Festival Drum Ensemble

Nanyang Dragon And Lion Dance Troupe not only does dragon and lion dance, but we’re also a drum ensemble.

The main components of a lion dance performance are the drums, the cymbals, the gong and the lion, and a dragon dance performance uses a few other instruments along with the dragon and the ball. As a dragon usually involves 10 people without the instruments and our cca currently has 14 people, we don’t do dragon dance that much and even if we do practice it, we usually use a shortened dragon. However, unlike most ccas where you specialise in a certain skill, we generally learn everything from the instruments to the lion.

In case you’re wondering if we use those high poles you see in other lion dance performances, we don’t. Instead, some of the equipment we use include benches, buckets and tables.

We usually take part in the annual NTU Institutional lion dance competition and are the busiest during the Chinese New Year period, where we have our 点睛 performance in school and go out for performances.

During circuit breaker, we had to adapt to ecca sessions. Since we cannot do lion or dragon dance online, we mostly did a bit of physical training and worked more on the instrumental aspect. We also had more drum training sessions.

Here’s a fun fact: We get paid for our Chinese New Year performances and you can hire us!

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