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Nanyang Guides (NYGG) is part of a worldwide organisation of Girl Guides that provides opportunities for girls to discover and develop their strengths, skills and their fullest potential to become responsible citizens of the world.

We build girls of courage, confidence and character. The girls pick up leadership and life skills, make lifelong friendships and make a positive impact to those around them.

In NYGG, we strive to uphold our core values of friendship, love, laughter and discipline. Thus, the activities we do during CCA range from activities that allow us to step out of our comfort zones such as Outdoor Cooking, Tent Pitching , Gadgets, Pioneering and Axemanship, to activities that train our discipline like Footdrills, or even fun activities like Badges and Initiatives.

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What our Guides have to say about NYGG:

“My seniors and teachers always encouraged us to be willing to learn, and even created many opportunities for us to experiment around with the different activities. They reminded us that it was okay to make mistakes because that is how we grow and adapt.

After going through a few CCA sessions [back in Sec 1] and slowly experiencing the activities we conduct in Guides, I discovered my appreciation for nature which is something I never knew or expected myself to have. So far, it has been really life-changing because not only did I discover a part of myself that I didn’t know existed before, I find that I still learn new things every single day.

Till this day, I have never once regretted joining Girl Guides because of all the amazing people I have met and all the precious memories that I had forged with my seniors, juniors and most importantly my batch.”

– Micole Lee, Sec 4 NYGG 2020

“My biggest takeaway from Guides is probably to keep an open mind and a listening heart, because there’s so much you can learn from Guides (both soft and hard skills) and so many amazing people you never would have had the pleasure of meeting if you just have the right attitude towards whatever comes your way.”

– Eliana Tan, Sec 3 NYGG 2020

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