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Nanyang Guides (NYGG) is part of a worldwide organisation of Girl Guides that provides opportunities for girls to discover and develop their strengths, skills and their fullest potential to become responsible citizens of the world.

We build girls of courage, confidence and character. The girls pick up leadership and life skills, make lifelong friendships and make a positive impact to those around them.

In NYGG, we strive to uphold our core values of friendship, love, laughter and discipline. Thus, the activities we do during CCA range from activities that allow us to step out of our comfort zones such as Outdoor Cooking, Tent Pitching , Gadgets, Pioneering and Axemanship, to activities that train our discipline like Footdrills, or even fun activities like Badges and Initiatives.

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What our Guides have to say about NYGG:

“After joining Nanyang Girl Guides, I have made friends with not only people of my age, but also with my seniors. I feel that this CCA brings us closer together regardless of our age, while also teaching us useful skills, both outdoors and indoors. It really makes me feel welcomed in this school.

I find the games that we play during the frequent bonding sessions very entertaining. Life skill sessions such as orienteering, outdoor cooking, and gadgets are very helpful to me, like when I have to find my way in an unfamiliar place, or when I need to tie knots.
Based on experience, the Guiders are very approachable and amiable, and most of the Guides are very friendly.

Up til the time that I am writing this, I have only been in Nanyang Girl Guides for a little over a year, but I have already made many good memories with my CCA mates and I have all the souvenirs to show for them.”

– Rui Qi, Sec 2 NYGG 2022

“As I made the decision to join Girl Guides, I had the impression that I was merely joining one out of the many CCAs Nanyang had to fulfill the school’s requirements. In primary school, CCA was just a compulsory activity which I had to drag my feet to twice a week during my precious after-school hours. Naturally, my mindset remained unchanged when I came to Nanyang.

What I didn’t know was that I wasn’t just joining a new CCA, I had found myself a new family, a new home. They were the people that I could always count on, that I could always look to for guidance, the ones whom I could trust wholeheartedly. Every CCA session is full of fun, friendship and laughter, and although there are some ups and downs in this long journey, we have braved everything together and emerged stronger as a CCA.

Nanyang Guides has many fun and enriching activities such as outdoor cooking, orienteering and axemanship, all of which train us to be more resilient and independent. We also have the occasional foot drills where we learn to be disciplined, as foot drills are an activity that requires all of our squad members’ hard work and dedication. Other than the activities listed above, Nanyang Guides also has badge sessions for us to earn badges, bonding sessions for us to get closer to our CCA mates, and so much more! The variety of activities that Nanyang Guides has to offer is what makes our CCA one of the best, and I am always grateful to have had the opportunity to join the Nanyang Guides family!”

– Tiani, Sec 3 NYGG 2022

“Joining Guides has given me the opportunity to try out new things I’ve never done before, and also helped me make new friends in a new environment. Although Guides being a UG may make some feel it’s a very strict CCA, every session is always really chill and when we do need to get serious and formal during some sessions like during footdrills, we always pull through together as a squad, and that really develops a sense of family within the CCA. We also work hard for the parade each year, and even though we cannot do a live one for the school, successfully completing parade filming each time brings a sense of accomplishment and happiness that all our hard work has paid off.

Over the past 3, coming to 4 years, I’ve had a very enriching journey. Though apprehensive at the beginning due to not knowing what to expect, my seniors and batchmates always guided me and made every session one to look forward to. Thanks to all the amazing memories I made with seniors, juniors and batchmates, I definitely do not regret my decision to join NYGG.

– Kate, Sec 4 NYGG 2022

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