Infocomm Club

NYGH Infocomm Club consist of two focus groups made up of the Programming Focus Group and the Media Arts Focus Group.

Programming Focus Group

Students in this Focus Group are interested in coding and programming. There is ample opportunity to learn from instructor as well as seniors. Two of the key competitions would be the RoboCup competitions in the areas of Robo-Soccer and Co-Space Rescue and the Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior.

Media Arts Focus Group

Students in this Focus Group are interested in animation and digital art. There is ample opportunity to learn from seniors and guest speakers. Students also participate in many competitions such as National Olympiad in Informatics, Chinese Storyboarding competition, Say Yes to Waste Less and so on.

Beyond each individual Focus Group, students in the CCA also work across the Focus Groups and participate in competitions that require both programming and
media arts skills.

Reflections on what students have done!

I’ve never participated in such competitions before, so this was a new and engaging experience for me. It helped me to gain insight into artificial intelligence and the problems the world faces today. It never came to me that technology can have a huge impact on the society, and how it also poses as a threat as well. I also learnt about systems that can help organise data and provide results and how they are operated. It was interesting and challenging to figure out ways to solve problems that society faces today.

YiTong on vSPLAH

What I have learned
– coding basics
– the use and the codes of colour sensors, ultrasonic sensors

Problems faced + solutions
– took me a while to download the materials; have patience and read instructions

Explain what you did
– coded virtual robot to collect objects and avoid falling into traps

What could be improved
– instead of an individual work, we should have worked in pairs or groups for this competition

Huey Xin on iCool

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