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At NYGH Infocomm Club (NYICC), we strive to equip our members with a variety of tech and IT-related skills.

As of 2022, we have revamped our CCA structure and are enrolled in a new cybersecurity programme called Sentinel. Sentinel is a cyber youth initiative by the Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces, in partnership with their Defence Technology Community. It is a two year programme that will take place in Terms 2 and 3 of the school year, and give students exposure to a range of cyber-related activities in the defence sector and industry. Some of the cyber-related topics include Phishing, Social Engineering, Reverse Engineering/Secure Programming, Cryptography and more.

Besides participating in the Sentinel programme, members of NYICC are also given the opportunity to split into two focus groups and participate in other competitions or projects based on their interests. These two focus groups are: Programming and Media Arts.

Programming Focus Group

Students interested in coding and programming are encouraged to join this focus group. In programming, we learn various coding languages and work together to solve problems in society via AI. Competitions we take part in include: Imagine Cup Junior (ICJ), Brainhack, Data Storytelling Interschools Coding Competition, DigiGirlz Competition etc. Certain competitions require us to work together, while we work individually with others. There are also opportunities for selected members to take part in external competitions recommended by seniors and teachers, an example being the Accelerator course organised by SG Code Campus, where students use Python and their knowledge of technology to solve problems in the community. Throughout our journey in NYICC Programming, we help one another to strengthen our coding skills and bring pride to our CCA.

Media Arts Focus Group

Students interested in animation and digital art are encouraged to join this focus group. In media arts, students can look forward to learning new techniques from their peers and seniors to improve their skills and expand their knowledge and creativity in this field. We also take part in various activities and competitions to gain experience. Activities include creating animations for school events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations, creating Whatsapp stickers for Founder’s Day, and hosting events with digital prizes for school anniversaries. Competitions include the NEmation competition, SG75 and Better Internet Ca. Students also participate in many various group projects to strengthen their animation and  digital art skills and expose themselves to different views from people with the same interests.

Other than skills, we also focus on strengthening the bonds between students. Fostering a relationship of mutual respect and care for each other is crucial for group work, which is a big part of our CCA. Students in our CCA share close friendships which help them excel in both their social and CCA life. We aim to foster students’ passions and create a homely environment for all the students in NYICC!

Reflections on what students have done!

What I’ve learnt: I have learnt more about different programming languages such as html (Hypertext Markup Language) for content, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for design.

Some problems I’ve faced and how I overcame them: Sometimes, I didn’t know how to solve those problems but we kept trying and managed to solve them.

Most memorable project/competition: As a project, we learnt HTML and CSS. It was really memorable and fun because it was new to us and we picked up many new skills along the way. It was also really useful because HTML and CSS can be used to make websites.

Overall experience:  The cca is very fun as I get to learn more programming languages! I also get to bond with my cca mates and foster a relationship of mutual respect and care for each other.

– Xin Xuan and Sophie (Programming Focus Group)
Works by Our Members and Past Achievements

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