A form of Japanese martial arts and self-defence. In Judo, we learn how to throw and perform ground-work techniques.

Over the years, Nanyang Judo has a consistent track record of achieving the champion title in the National School Games. This is attributed to our training as well as dedication from our teammates.

During training we generally do technique training and physical training after.

We are a closely-knit CCA. Which emphasises strongly on respect and self-discipline. While we train hard, we also play hard.

Judo is not just a sport and martial art, but also a community! Judo helps one build strength, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, and endurance, making it an all-rounded dynamic sport relative to others. Due to its combat nature, one develops faster reaction time and better coordination through the use of attack and defence. We strive to create a caring and conducive learning environment that can help individuals achieve their fitness goals at their own pace. Judo builds character in the understanding of the sport and its rigorous practice. All Judokas are taught to respect one another and to be responsible for one another’s safety.

All Sec 1 will be given special attention in the learning of basics, such as fundamental throws and break-falls. Sufficient practice will be provided before joining the seniors to ensure their safety.

All Sec 1 will attend sessions on only Tuesdays and Thursdays for Term 1. Subsequently, all Sec 1 will attend sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from Term 2 onwards.

During each session, there will be at least three coaches to maintain a healthy coach-to-student ratio:

*Mr Tang Soon Onn (South-East Asian Games gold medallist, current coach of Judo National Team)

*Ms Tang Youhui (licensed under International Judo Coaching and referee under Judo Union of Asia)

*Ms Tang Jingfang (alumna of NYGH and HCI, represented for Youth Olympic Games (Singapore), in current Judo National Team)

*Ms Tadakuma Rena (Japanese Coach, “Outstanding Player” – All Japan University Judo Championship)

Friday sessions will be combined with the Judokas from Hwa Chong Institution (High School and College Sections).

There will be training day camps (2.5 days, no overnight) during March, June, and December. These day camps will be combined with the Judokas from Hwa Chong Institution (High School and College Sections). Additional Japanese coaches will be present in December to provide additional support.

The Nanyang Judo Team also prides itself in its team of seniors who are active members of the Singapore Youth Team, and we are delighted to say that many have done us proud representing Singapore in overseas tournaments. It is our purpose to nurture Judokas in contributing to the local Judo community and giving back to the nation.

We welcome new Judokas with a can-do attitude and good character which are keys for a fruitful and safe training.

Join the Judo family!



B Div: National Champion
C Div: Runner Up


B Div: National Champion
C Div: National Champion


B Div: National Champion
C Div: National Champion


B Div: National Champion
C Div: National Champion

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