Mind Sports Club

International Chess, Othello, Scrabble and Mindsports Recreation are sections that make up the vibrant Nanyang Mind Sports.

Board games cultivate students’ critical thinking and decision making skills. In addition, Mindsports also cultivate teamwork and patience, as well as nurture teenagers’ cognitive and linguistic developments. During these CCA sessions, students also get the chance to forge bonds with the other CCA members and enjoy their time in CCA. Students will also be given opportunities to be involved in competitions which seek to instil in students the value of sportsmanship. In a bid to allow a more holistic form of education through CCA, Nanyang Mindsports is embarking on a journey to serve the school community by introducing cognitive games. For students who are not wanting to specialise in a specific Mindsport game can also choose to join the Mindsports Recreation section. This section allow students to learn to play Chess, Othello and Scrabble as well as other board games. Nanyang Mindsports serves as a platform for all students to challenge themselves and have fun while strengthening their strong sense of belonging to the larger community.
Interested Participants for International Chess would need to go through a trial consisting of the following:

  1. An International Chess game with a stronger opponent in the CCA. (Duration: 15 minutes)
  2. Completing a short written test on International Chess Terms. (Duration: 5-10 minutes)
  3. Solving Chess puzzles. (Duration: 5-10 minutes)

The total trial duration will be around 30 minutes.


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