Modern Dance

Welcome to the Nanyang Modern Dance (NYMD) e-open house! If you have a passion for dancing, this is the right place for you! Don’t worry if you have no prior dance background, as having a strong passion and values like love for learning are also highly regarded in our CCA, and with the right attitude and commitment you can learn dance techniques in no time!

In NYMD, we not only get to expose ourselves to different dance genres, but also get many opportunities to perform! Our instructor, Ms Low Mei Yoke, whom we address as 刘老师, teaches her unique dance style— a mix of contemporary and modern dance, and our dancers have grown a lot as dancers and performers under her coaching. With more than 20 years of dance experience, 刘老师 has been an inspiration to many of our dancers with her passion for dance, admirable technique and unique dance style. In 1991, she founded a local dance company, Frontier Danceland, and has been our dance instructor in NYMD since 2008. Under 刘老师’s guidance, NYMD has repeatedly achieved Certificate of Distinction in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) in the past years. She also holds high expectations, which is essential to challenge us out of our comfort zones and push our limits to the fullest.

Additionally, we also explore other dance styles like hip hop, lyrical and street jazz outside of official CCA sessions, where we have the freedom to self-choreograph our dances. These dances are then displayed in concerts such as our CCA’s biannual production, Dance Night! Through Dance Night, we get to experience the whole process of curating a complete dance production, from choreography to costumes to light designs etc. Preparing for Dance Night is always full of fun and joy as we experiment and learn from one another.

Besides Dance Night, NYMD takes part in many exciting events and performances that give us something to work towards and look forward to. These include SYF, dance camps and school concerts such as Chinese New Year, Teachers’ Day, Founder’s Day and Secondary 1 Orientation (SOO) Performing Arts concert. We take part in SYF every two years, and hold Dance Night, our fully self-initiated dance production, every alternate year when there is no SYF. We also have our dance camps in the holidays every year, where dancers get to enjoy and immerse themselves in dance during our 3-day 2-night camp in school. Having late night talks, emotional dance sessions, and face mask parties are just some of the many iconic features of our dance camps. With these key events of the CCA, we guarantee you a fun and fulfilling experience with NYMD!

While joining NYMD will help you grow as a dancer (in terms of technique and experience), it will also help you grow as an individual, as you learn and reflect back on your journey. Nanyang Modern Dance is more than just a CCA, we are a big, warm family of dancers, and the bonds that we have with each other are strong and long lasting. If you’re truly passionate about dance, you won’t regret joining us in NYMD!

CCA Session Timings

Monday and Friday, 3.30pm – 6pm

Since CCA is considered a priority in our school, 3rd language or tuition lessons should not clash with CCA timings, as these programmes can be easily shifted to fit personal schedules.


Mr Fan Kaideng —
Ms Wong Ying Tyng —

If you have any inquiries, feel free to email our teachers in charge to know more about our CCA or approach any of our friendly seniors who will be able to share with you more about our dance spirit & NYMD!

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