National Police Cadet Corps

National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) is a uniformed group that is closely affiliated with the Singapore Police Force.

Our cadets have unique opportunities to gain exposure to Singapore’s crime prevention efforts in building a Safe and Secure Home. The mission of NPCC is to develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe. The vision of NPCC is to become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world. Through a myriad of activities, values such as discipline, loyalty, integrity, resourcefulness, tenacity and civic-consciousness are developed.

What are some activities you can look forward to in NPCC?
  • CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)
  • Shooting (.22 Revolver Live Shoot)
  • Campcraft (Tent and flag pitching, pioneering, etc.)
  • Drills (Foot and rifle drills, etc.)
  • Enrichment Courses (Cooking, arts and craft, etc.)
  • Camps (School camps and external camps)
  • Other events/competitions (Area Games Day, Unit Hike, Campcraft Competition, Inter-Unit Drills Competition, etc.)

“These 4 years of being in NPCC definitely made us grow in ways we never imagined. From learning basic life skills to gaining valuable leadership experiences and soft skills, our CCA has shaped our personalities in more ways than we can explain. NPCC has taught us to be resilient and to persevere through tough times. More than that, it has also provided us with many leadership opportunities, boosted our confidence, and allowed us to forge lifelong friendships with our squadmates. It has definitely been a journey that we will never forget.”

— Batch 53 (Secondary 4 batch)

“When we first joined NPCC, it was rather scary as we were in a new environment. However, these two years in NPCC have been very enriching for all of us. Now, we look forward to CCA sessions, especially activities such as Shooting, Intra-Unit Campcraft Competition (IUCCC) and bonding with our squadmates, seniors and juniors.

In the beginning, we thought that the relationship between seniors and juniors would be cold and foreign. However, we found that our relationships gradually developed through our interaction during our years in NPCC and they are actually heartwarming.”

— Batch 54 (Secondary 3 batch)

“We enjoy the time we spend together as a squad. More specifically, we like bonding with each other during campcraft trainings and foot drills as we have a chance to learn how to communicate better and have better teamwork and coordination. We also learned new things like rifle drills, which allows us to guide and teach each other. As we go through thick and thin, cheering each other on if we feel lethargic or celebrating our small but significant improvements, these moments become more valuable as time flies by.”

— Batch 55 (Secondary 2 batch)

“Joining NPCC gave us more chances to make friends from other classes. For us, we initially felt stressed to be part of an unfamiliar CCA.. However, the Secondary 4 seniors were patient and explained the instructions until we all understood. Over time, the initial stress decreased as all that was needed was our best efforts. The NCOs have played a big role in helping us ease into a new environment which we deeply appreciate.”

— Batch 56 (Secondary 1 batch)

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