Established in 2011, the Nanyang Sailing Team started with 3 sailors. Over the years, the CCA has gone through much to get to where it is today.

Sailing is a fun sea sport that involves mastering the sail and boat to harness the wind and to glide swiftly through the water. Sailors compete with each other to find the shortest route possible in a course. In contrast to popular belief, sailing is more than just the physical aspect of it. As a sailor, not only do you require physical strength, mental strength is also important.

Out at sea, physical fitness and skills make up only half of the race. Entire races are subject to constantly shifting wind and current conditions, forcing sailors to think quickly and adapt. Oftentimes, the conditions do not shift in our favour, and in those situations sailors learn to persevere and to keep racing. A race is not over until you cross the finishing line. Additionally, sailors endure hot weather, brave strong winds and overcome waves.

Ultimately, sailing is a sport that cultivates determination, patience, perseverance and independence out at sea. NYST is the one of the youngest and smallest CCAs in Nanyang. Despite this, NYST still continues to excel every year through hard work in national and regional ones.

NYST is looking for sailors with integrity, who are hardworking, and independent. Sailors who are daring, adventurous, and most of all, we are looking for team players who will not hesitate to step up to better herself and the team. However, do note that for you to join us on our splashing journey, you need to have at least six months of prior experience in sailing. This is to ensure your safety.

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