St John Brigade

St John Brigade is the uniformed branch of St John Singapore, which provides First Aid and ambulance services, as well as youth development through our Cadet programme.

Nanyang St John has a long history of providing aid to the public as well as to the school. CCA usually is split up into three main components: first aid, home nursing, as well as footdrill. Through our rigorous programmes, we aim to develop all cadets holistically, with a strong emphasis on values and character development, as well as leadership. The first aid knowledge that cadets learn goes on to serve them well as a life skill, sparking an interest in some to pursue medicine or nursing as their career. With some alumni in medical fields coming back to volunteer as helpers, a Nanyang St john cadet is well-supported in her journey as a first-aider and home nursing officer. 

Of course, it’s not all work and no play! We have regular bonding sessions to forge stronger ties as a corps, as well as annual camps to look forward to! From hiking, to campfires, to outfield cooking, it’s always memorable for our cadets! We also support our cadets’ development outside of St John, with badges like Community Care, Musician and Swimming. We aim for all our cadets to graduate with Chief Commissioners’ Badge, the highest level of attainment for a cadet. This year, after four years of hard work, 9 of our Sec 4 cadets graduated with this badge. 

Nanyang St John has a long history of excellence, with this year being the 12 consecutive year that we have obtained CAA Gold. Last year, as the winners of the National First Aid and Footdrill Competition, our Nursing Adult team also represented Singapore in the Bi-annual Singapore-Malaysia First Aid competition 2019. We have great pride in our contributions to our school, from helping out with first aid duties during school events, to ensuring that every first aid kit is well-stocked. 

Join us for skills and memories that will last you a lifetime!

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