I have been looking for a perfect doubles partner all my life. Finally, I found you.
Hello, we are Nanyang Tennis and we’re pleased to have you join our NYT family! Get to know more about us here!

Our team has a pretty unique motto: “The Legs Feed the Wolf”. It is a quote from Miracle, a movie about how the U.S. Hockey Team beat all odds and defeated “the unbeatable” Soviet Union team to clinch the1980 Olympics gold medal. The phrase “The Legs Feed the Wolf”  was to remind them to adopt the wolf’s instinct to survive-  if they really wanted to win, they would have to hustle harder than they ever had before. This motto has been our constant driving force behind all our training.

As the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Our weekly CCA sessions have taught us that our hard work pays off, and nothing is impossible.

Like wolves that hunt in packs, we support one another and stay together through the highs and lows of our CCA as one family!

We know you simply can’t wait to join us! So here’s our training schedule:

Each division trains 2-3 times a week depending on whether it is on or off competition season. Each training session is from 3.30 to 6pm officially.

Monday (combined training at Farrer)

Monday (combined training at Farrer)

Training sessions are never mundane because there are various activities that our coach shuffles around such as drills and physical training, also known as PT.

Our training sessions not only improve our tennis expertise, they are also vital when it comes to developing physical and mental strength. Needless to say, our training sessions have helped us to grow in character both on and off court!

A sneak peak of what our physical training includes:

  • PT
  • Stairs
  • Captain’s ball!!


  • 4-ball drill (baseline lateral running)
  • BOX drill
  • Baseline to net drill
  • Figure of 8


  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Dingles!!
  • Jail

Come join us if you want to find out more about what these are!

Sweating under the hot sun, muscle aches for days and dreaded PT sessions — training is almost never easy. That’s just part and parcel of being an athlete. But, in our team, what you take away will always be the memories and laughter that you create together. The spirit of Nanyang Tennis doesn’t lie in a team that aims to win medals (even though we do!) — at the end of the day, we can only promise that no matter how tough the journey, you will always have teammates that will go through thick and thin with you.

In secondary schools, your CCA will play a bigger role in your life than you can imagine, so your CCA has to be something you look forward to! And there is definitely no better place to spend your time, and make memories in, than in Nanyang Tennis.


Below are some of our teammates’ sharing on some of their fondest memories and experiences in Nanyang Tennis!

“I have forged many memories and friendships in NYT, whether they are with my batchmates or seniors. Training brings a smile to my face even if I am feeling down that day. I look forward to training every week and that is one of the many reasons why I enjoy being in Nanyang.

Firstly, we have physical training. Although it is exhausting, it is enjoyable to train with the team as everyone is very encouraging. We push each other to the best we can be as we always want to improve.

Secondly, we have matchplays. We get to partner different people in our division and find out who we have the best chemistry with. Sometimes we are disappointed after a matchplay, but we learn from our mistakes and improve. Playing tennis is not only about winning, but it is also about having fun.

Last but not the least, we have team bonding games which are my favourite. Before training, we will play a game of captain’s ball. We are split into two different groups and we have to work together as a team and find strategies to beat the other team.”

—Mikaela Hiu, Batch 23 (Sec1)

“I have the best batchmates that I could ever ask for. They are people whom I can trust, rely on and people who understand me. Life in Nanyang has been the best with my batchmates. They are not only my training buddies, but also my closest friends. I have made many memories with my batchmates,laughing, training, eating and even going out together. Just being with them makes me happy. I cannot imagine how life would be without them.

My batchmates have pushed me to do my best during training. Being with them has taught me a lot of things. Perseverance and determination. These lessons that they taught me are the ones that I will forever remember. Whenever I feel like giving up,my batchmates would always encourage me to push on. “Come on Earlina, you are almost there! Jiayou!” Hearing those words makes me determined to finish what I have started.

I am really grateful to have such wonderful batchmates, batchmates that encourage me and bring joy to my life.”

—Earlina Tan, Batch 23 (Sec1)

“During Nationals, we would have a lot of fun cheering our teammates on as they play. During a deciding match that would decide if we could get into the semifinals, everyone cheered so loudly and enthusiastically. Although we did not win, we could really feel our team spirit as we were cheering. We would also occasionally go for team dinners after our matches to celebrate our hard work. During the B-Division’s season, us as the juniors, would head down to cheer them on, support them and also learn from them. I really like nationals as it is where we show our true team spirit, where we experience joy and sorrow with our teammates, really bonding with each other.”

—Alexa Ng, Batch 22 (Sec2)

“It’s been a year since I’ve joined NYT and being a part of this team is truly amazing. From encouraging each other, cheering so loudly till our voices break, the many fun activities, to Nationals, and so on. C Division Nationals 2019 was probably a first for most of us (in our batch) but it was an extremely fulfilling experience. We had wins, we had losses, but we still fought on despite who our opponent was. There was never-ending encouragement, which I really love about my team. My seniors, my batchmates, and me, too, cheered genuinely from the top of our lungs ( till our voices actually broke) and I could really see the Nanyang fighting spirit being displayed. I guess that’s what drove me during my matches. It’s a privilege to be able to be a part of a team with great and talented players and I’m really, really grateful for them; their love, support, energy, livelihood (and humour). We’ve all bonded as a batch, a division, and a team over this period of time and I’m proud to call them my teammates. (side note : post-nationals outings are the best !)”

—Anna Koh, Batch 22 (Sec2)

Coach always told us that whatever ball he fed you, it meant that you could get it. While he was probably talking about the drill at hand, I think this saying actually tells us not to give up, to persevere, and this “never-give-up” attitude has been ingrained into me through my short one and a half years in Nanyang Tennis. Even though our training can be tough at times, we do it all with our teammates’ and coach’s support. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In Nanyang Tennis, I got to meet some of the toughest people and have truly gotten to grow alongside my peers. We always strived to be the best and never once gave up when things got hard.

Last year, I lost a deciding match that made us not continue into the semi-finals of nationals. I was extremely disappointed with myself and thought that the whole team would be mad at me. Instead they comforted me, and told me that it was not my fault. I knew how much this meant to them, and it was then that I realised how much these people cared for me and what it truly meant to be in a team. Nanyang Tennis is not just a CCA, it is a family, and I could not ask for a better team.

—Wee E Wen, Batch 22, EXCO

When I first joined Nanyang Tennis, I barely spoke to the seniors as I was shy and a bit intimidated. But our teacher-in-charge then, Ms Ng talked to me and struck conversations, even with simple things like how I was and how my day went. I felt more welcomed to the school, and she encouraged me to go up to my seniors and talk to them. When our teachers-in-charge changed, they were just the same. They’ve been nothing but encouraging and caring towards us. They can be fun and playful around us, but they also make sure that we are stretched, pulled out of our comfort zones, so that we strive for the best and achieve our fullest potential. They are stern at times, but we know very clearly that they are doing so to become the best people we can be. During our matches, they cheer with us. From that, I know that we won’t be a team without them. Our teachers play a huge role in our lives and our CCA. They are always there for us when we are in need. They offer endless encouragement for us to become better players, better people. I feel that if not for our teachers-in-charge, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.

—Clarice Leong, Batch 22, EXCO

“Having been in Nanyang Tennis for almost 3 years, I have forged close bonds with my batchmates.  Although I was nervous joining a new school and CCA, through training and batch activities, we became closer to one another. I am extremely grateful to have gotten to know them as they are now some of my closest friends in Nanyang and have helped make my school life much more fruitful and interesting.

Some of my favourite memories with my batchmates are going for competitions like JTTL together, and cheering each other on during matches, as well as birthday celebrations and outings, like watching a WTA match together.

Training with my batch has motivated me to work harder to improve, as we always encourage and help each other out. It has taught me the importance of teamwork and team spirit. Although training is tough, we push through and do our best for our team. We also have fun and always have a good laugh whenever we play matches together. Overall, Nanyang Tennis means a lot to me and I am beyond grateful to have been able to forge so many happy memories with my batchmates.”

—Zhang Xiaoyuan, Batch 21 (Sec3)

“The past two years in nanyang tennis have been a wild and exciting ride. From first entering the CCA as a Secondary one student until now, this CCA has definitely left me with many unforgettable memories, incredible friendships forged, and most importantly, it has made me become who I am today. Joining nanyang tennis has taught me to keep looking ahead, and push myself to the best of my abilities no matter what lies in front of me. I still remember the days when I just joined the CCA as a secondary one, how during training, I would feel my legs and arms aching from the drills, and the urge to give up right there and then. But my coach encouraged me to not lose heart, and I pushed on along with my teammates. Over time, the feeling of continuing to carry on kind of just grew on me—I started to think less thoughts about what was making me feel like stopping, and gradually my attention shifted to “how do I keep doing this?” This has since been my mantra, and has given me the courage and motivation to keep trying no matter what setbacks I may face.”

—Ding Jinbo, Batch 21 (Sec3)

“I think to an outsider, nationals is something that we just train for, but to me nationals is so much more than that. It’s a time where we can see all our work come together, bond as a team and really unite as one. One of my favourite memories from nationals is definitely just cheering together for our players. Whether we’re playing or not, we’re still a team for Nanyang. I love how when we win, we share our joy and everyone is there to celebrate together. When we lose, we comfort each other and share our disappointment as well. When I’m playing, I can feel the support from my teammates from wherever they’re watching, and I know it’s the same for everyone. I just really love that nationals bring us all together,  and really shows how we’re one team. My favourite memory from nationals is simply the team spirit and the shared feelings.”

—Kate Chui, Batch 21, EXCO

“When it comes to Batch 20, it all boils down to the little things that we do together. For all the times we laughed together, cried together and stuck together, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for the best inside jokes, the worst training sessions and some of the most genuine heart-to-heart conversations. Some say that secondary school friendships don’t last and friends slowly turn into strangers after we graduate, but I know that my batch will always be here for one another, regardless in person or in spirit. We share the tightest bond as a tiny batch and while we are each other’s biggest fans on court, we are best friends off court. From always coming together to celebrate the birthday girl to facetiming during home-based learning so that we can plank together, it is safe to say that I have met some of the best people through tennis. That is not to say that we don’t have our ups and downs as a batch, but the challenges which serve to test our friendship have only made us closer, and our love for the sport stronger.”

—Wei Yumou, Batch 20 (Sec4)

“Coach XT, our coach, is one of the most dedicated coaches and people I have ever met. As a coach, his philosophy is to put in as much effort as you will. For every PT session that we had, he wasn’t the one at the side holding a stopwatch. He was right there with us, through every plank and every flight of stairs we had to climb with our 4kg medicine balls. He was there for every school training during nationals until we locked up at 7pm with the same level of commitment, even though official training hours ended at 6pm.

Not only do we have fun during training, but we also learn. Coach XT openly points out areas of improvement in our game, and shows us how to fix it purposefully and effectively. Telling us does nothing, but showing us changes the entire game. He breaks down concepts to something so simple and basic anyone could understand. He has an effect on students that makes you want to give your best, and push yourself way past whatever boundaries you limit yourself to. Each training session is different and purposeful, and is crafted to make sure you get maximum benefit from it. For all his wit, all his experience and life advice that he has imparted to us, he is so much more than just any other tennis coach. He gives credit when credit is due in his own way, and is a pillar of strength, support and guidance for everyone on the team. NYT is extremely lucky to have Coach XT as our coach, and together we will work to achieve even greater things as a team.”

—Keslyn Poh, Batch 20 (Sec4)

“Tennis is often seen as an individual sport because it is either a 1v1 or 2v2 on court. However,  my team never fails to stay as one on and off court. We may not always have the time to meet outside of training or school, but during physical training, we will always wait for the last person to finish climbing their 15 flights of stairs — leave no man behind, and start conversations while we are doing our 300 “clean and press” to make things easier for each other. These small gestures may not seem significant yet they are the things that unknowingly bring us together.

Yearly CCA camps and occasional CCA breakfasts helped to bring us closer as we would share more personal things about ourselves with no one to judge us. I had always wondered how our team, made up of people with very different standards in tennis, from different primary schools and completely different backgrounds, are able to come together as one. I guess it is because every girl has something unique to contribute to the team, and we encourage each other to reach our fullest individual potential, and goals as a team.”

—Chong Xin Ying, Batch 20, EXCO

“I have found a home in Nanyang Tennis. My teammates are family, people who celebrate my successes and share my burdens. They are also my inspirations. I am often awed, watching them execute their different styles of playing, and seeing their perseverance and fight during training and matches. They motivate me to have the same spirit when I train and play my own. They are teammates who give me advice and a helping hand when I struggle in tennis, in school or with personal problems in life. They inspire me not only in tennis, but also as a person off court. No matter the circumstance, the mood is light and cheery when we are together.

Apart from this, being in NYT gave me a valuable opportunity to lead as captain. I think that people have the impression that leaders have to be perfect. In my leadership journey here however, I was given the space and allowance to make mistakes. These opportunities allowed me to grow — so much. I also picked up countless life skills such as being flexible and having good communication skills.

NYT’s coaches and teachers-in-charge are more than just educators. They are like our guardians and even friends when we need them to be. They, too, are a part of our team and have been extremely supportive and participative.

It is hard to encapsulate the fruitfulness of my entire NYT journey because it was just so vibrant. The only way to truly understand, is to experience this yourself. Joining this CCA has been one of the best decisions I made, and I am certain that it will be for anyone else too!”

—Amelia Peck, Batch 20, EXCO


B Div: Semi-Finals


B Div: 2nd
C-Div: 6th


B Div: 5th
C Div: 4th


C Div: 2nd 


e-Trials/ Auditions

(for shortlisted applicants only)


(for shortlisted applicants only)

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