Hi there! We are Nanyang Volleyball, otherwise known as NYVB and we are one of the Sport CCAs that NYGH offers. Our family consists of Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 students.

We train twice a week during off-season and thrice during seasons! During off seasons, training is on Monday and Thursday, from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.  During seasons, whether it is B Division (Upper Secondary) or C Division (Lower Secondary), the division having seasons will have an additional training on Friday, from 4.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. So, you may be wondering, what exactly do we do during training? Well we’re afraid that we have no exact details as it differs from training to training depending on what our coach decides we should focus on for that training.  But because each training has its own unique focus, you can be assured that it never gets boring! Although, we do usually start training with warm ups, stretching and 打防. Then, we will continue with drills such as spiking, receiving and service. We usually end our training with a match.

Our values

Nanyang Volleyball provides anyone, regardless of their experience, the opportunity to participate in volleyball training supervised by professional coaches. The intent is to foster personal growth, and further develop their passion for the sport.

We celebrate the unyielding spirit, with our motto being NYVB 拼 To the End (AKA #nyvbptte). We believe that we should always fight to the end, to never give up and always do our best even if the going gets tough.

Being a team sport, our CCA values team spirit above everything. We are a group of individual student athletes who channel our energy into committed efforts towards the betterment of not just ourselves, but our team and the sport. Be it teamwork, coordinating movements with each other on court or caring for your teammates outside of court. It is no surprise that our CCA has long become a good place to form lifelong friendships with the “we are all in this together” mentality that we will cherish even after we graduated from NYGH.

The following are our CCA Values:

Respect – for opponents and teammates, play to our best ability

Care – for teammates, look after each other during training and outside of training too

Teamwork – learn how to coordinate and work with each other 培养默契, to always be there for one another. This creates a web of strong interlink relationships that we know will resist against all the challenges that may come our way

Diligence – in line with our school motto, members of NYVB work towards being able to channel our energy into committed efforts, for the betterment of not just ourselves, but our team and the sport

Perseverance – we believe that we should 拼 to the end, to never give up and always do our best even if the going gets tough

Why Nanyang Volleyball?

NYVB is so much more than just the sport. It is a team sport that requires everyone to work together to get the ball over the net. NYVB is a community that allows you to make many friends, and you can be sure that these friends will stay with you through the ups and downs throughout your 4 years in Nanyang Girls’ High School. In NYVB, we have become bonded as a team, training in a happy environment that allows us to de-stress from school work. Together, we help one another improve. Volleyball is generally a very dynamic game which makes training all the more interesting. In Nanyang Volleyball, you are sure to be surrounded by supportive batchmates, seniors, juniors, teachers and coaches, which all the more contributes to the inclusiveness and warmth of the CCA. So rest assured, you are sure to be in safe hands with us

School-training Balance

NYGH develops all students in a holistic way. Hence there is a system in place to allow for everyone who strives to excel in both academics and CCA.  Our students are encouraged to go for consultations with their subject teachers whenever they need help.  There are protected times before CCA for consultations.  Students will be able to go for consultations and quickly return to training once you are done!

In NYVB, juniors are encouraged to ask the seniors about their homework and projects.  The seniors are an immediate resource, with a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped on.  Given the broad spectrum of their aptitudes, they are always more than willing to share their wealth of experience in their chosen field and interests.



B Div (Only West Zone took place): 4th in West Zone
C Div: 1st in Nationals


B Div: 1st in West Zone (Only West Zone B Div took place)


B Div: 2nd in Nationals
C Div: 4th in Nationals


B Div: 3rd in Nationals
C Div: 1st in Nationals


B Div: Top 8 in Nationals
C Div: 1st in Nationals


C Div: 2nd in Nationals


C Div: 4th in Nationals


C Div: 4th in Nationals


C Div: 1st in Nationals


C Div: 1st in Nationals


Shortlisted Applicants

Required: e-trials & e-interview
Date: 21 July to 6 August

(Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email at least 1 week before the date)

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