Physical Education

In Nanyang Girls’ High School, the Physical Education department consciously makes use of movement as the primary medium to reach and teach the whole child through the following three modes:

education in movement;
education through movement; and
education about movement.

Our syllabus aims to equip our students the skills, knowledge and values to pursue a lifelong of active and healthy living.  To achieve this, our students will go through the following programme:-

  • Fundamental movement and sports skills and broad-based sports programme focusing on different Games Concepts in Lower Secondary;
  • Interest-driven sport specialisation in Upper Secondary
  • Progressive learning of health and fitness principles and outdoor education across the 4 years
Students as the centre of our syllabus

We aim to equip the girls with the fundamental movement and sports skills in Lower Secondary years that would serve them well in their partaking of active lifestyles. In Upper Secondary, the design of our PE syllabus then takes into consideration the changing profiles and lifestyles of our students as they transit from their teenage years to adulthood. As such, sports offered in Upper Secondary (e.g. cycling, dance, tennis, table tennis etc) are popular activities in our local context that our students might possibly pursue in the future. In addition, our Upper Secondary girls also take ownership in their learning by taking up the sports they are interested in for their elective sports modules.

Annual School Cross Country Run at MacRitchie Reservoir

Outside of their PE lessons, our students go through a variety of events that allow them to enjoy physical activities in competitive settings; and to bond within and across classes; and to even interact and compete with the parents of Nanyang Girls’ High as well.These include our sports meet, cross-country run, staff-student games and inter-class games.

Parents having friendly competition against their children
Parents pampering our secondary 1s with food after their post exam Inter-Class Games
It is ok to fall. Just rise after!
Students sparring against their teachers during Staff Students Game

Students who take on a special interest in sports and the research, are also given opportunities to sign up for student-initiated assessment projects that allow them to learn and work with sporting communities in Singapore.

Range of physical activities offered
Sec 1
  • Fundamental Movement Skills through Track & Field
  • Fundamental Sports skills through Netball & Softball
  • Outdoor Education
    • Sense of place: Connecting with the outdoors
    • Leave no trace: Environmental management during outdoor activities
Sec 2
  • Team Sports focused:
    • Frisbee
    • Floorball
    • Badminton (doubles)
  • Outdoor Education
    • Orienteering 1
Sec 3
  • Team Sports focused
    • Softball
  • Elective Modules
    • Basketball
    • Advanced Badminton
    • Advanced Outdoor Education
  • Outdoor Education
    • Orienteering 2
    • Outdoor cooking
    • Knots & lashes
    • Understanding safety in the outdoors
Sec 4
  • Team Sports focused
    • Floorball
    • Tchoukball
  • Elective Modules
    • Dance
    • Tennis
    • Table Tennis
Sec 1 – Sec 4

Progressive Health & Fitness Lessons in preparation for pursue of active and healthy lifestyle through adulthood

Can the students’ bashas hold up well?
Safe Riding Programme (endorsed by LTA) held in school
The secondary 3 students getting ready to cycle around the neighbourhood
Inter-class relay during Combine Sports Meet
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