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As parents, we play a very big part in our children’s development into well rounded and responsible youths. The NYGH Parent Support Group believes that by being actively involved with our daughters and working closely with our daughters’ educators, we can help them to stretch their talent and realise their full potential.

Our Mission
  • Promote a positive partnership among parents, the school and the Alumni through the organisation of and interaction in activities that are mutually beneficial
  • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer, share or contribute their talent and time to the school for the benefit of our girls
  • Provide opportunities for parents to network and support each other in the parenting journey
From Our Chairperson

Dear parents,

I can still fondly recall accompanying my daughter to NYGH Open House a few years as we were exploring the various secondary school options out there. As she worked towards the final stretch in her Primary School education, we, the parents, were playing the cheerleaders’ role while preparing ourselves mentally to embrace what was to come when the PSLE results were to be released. Yes, parents are certainly not having it easy nowadays. Although each individual’s parenting journey varies in one way or another, I guess it is safe to say it is not always a bed of roses. So do remember to take good care of yourselves and enjoy celebrating the milestone together with your daughter when she graduates. 加油!

We understand it takes a village to raise a child. Here at Nanyang, PSG aims to form part of that village to support fellow parents in their parenting journey. You can find out more about us and what we do on this page!

Short Video Introducing Our PSG Team

Hear from PSG members on their thoughts about being part of our NYGH PSG.

“A big sincere heartfelt thank you to all of you at PSG.

Your warm hospitality and great care of my daughter during CNY – the greatest festivity for Chinese, has alleviated our concern of her missing the tradition of reunion with family due to this unprecedented pandemic. Your warm hearted arrangement has caught us off guard.

Thumbs up for NYGH PSG. A big LIKE in NYGH PSG Facebook.”
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Lai Yun Woon
Father of Sec 2 scholar from Malaysia (2021)

“2019年初, 我参加了PSG举办的中一家长交流会,结交了很多朋友,获知更多班上和学校的信息,我们也一起参加PSG的活动,如包粽子活动等,友谊延续至今。我很感激PSG为家长和孩子们的无私奉献,于是,我加入了PSG的执行委员会 (Exco)。在2020年的疫情期间,我见证了PSG领导如何积极排除困难,为家长和孩子们付出关怀、伸出援手,例如,在短时间内筹办网上中一家长交流会来舒缓新生家长们的疑虑,还为留校复习的孩子们筹集资金购买饮料食物充饥等。在这友爱的环境里,PSG的成员们发展出真诚的友谊,相互支持和鼓励。PSG是个温馨的大家庭,请加入我们吧!”

Annie Gan
中三学生的家长 (2021)

“In my daughter’s first year with NYGH, I took part as a PV in the PSG-organised Sec 1 Dumpling Wrapping event and the Sec 1 End of the Year games.  After each event, I was amazed by the planning that went into the events and the passion the PSG parents had.  Most of all, I felt I was part of big fun-loving family.

These PSG events gave me the chance to meet other NYGH parents, a more intimate understanding of the NYGH culture and the opportunity to be part of the school activities my girl was involved in.  Four years quickly passed. Four years of supporting one another in the parenting journey, even through trying times like 2020.  Four years of gaining a better understanding of your child.  Four years richly spent.”

Tuck Chee
Father of Sec 4 girl (2020)

“4 years ago, I signed up as a PSG member when my first-born daughter was in Sec 1. At the time, I was worried and curious about how secondary school life would impact her and I thought that joining the PSG would allow me to form a closer relationship with the institution whilst gaining more understanding of her school environment. Through participation in the PSG events, I was pleased to be able to meet and network with parents who shared similar challenges in our parenting journeys. This platform allowed us to support each other and exchange positive parenting resources.

The volunteering opportunities within the PSG also facilitated my support of school events and the bond with my daughter, e.g. joining the parent-daughter activities and my involvement in the PSG had enabled us to have meaningful conversations about her school life on a regular basis. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have served in the NYGH PSG.”

Lay Peng
Mother of 2 NYGH girls
Photo Gallery Of Our Activities

(Photos are a collection of PSG events prior to COVID and during COVID period from year 2019 to 2022)
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Promote Parent Volunteerism

Structured Supervised Study Program
While the girls concentrate on filling their brain with knowledge, PSG takes care of their stomach during this stressful period.

Community Give Back
Doing our part in giving back to the society – delivering necessity packs together with the school staff

Foster Parents
Sharing our love with the Scholars who are far away from home

Library Duties
Helping out in the library to support the school

Support Parenting Journey

Positive Parenting Talks and Book Club
Events and Book Club for parents to support one another in their parenting journey

Healthy Living Exercise
PSG members engage in our monthly get-healthy activity

Parent Daughter Bonding
Bond with your daughter through fun-filled activities

Sec 1 Parents Networking Event
Meet other Sec 1 parents and also understand more about the new school.

Support School Activities

Rice Dumpling Wrapping Event
Support the school in showing the girls a Chinese tradition

Parent Networking at Canteen
Organize networking sessions with parents over breakfast at the school canteen

Sec 1 End of Year Games
Compete in the Year End Games against the Sec 1 girls, a great wind down to end the year for the girls

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