Talent Development Showcase

Students who join Nanyang Girls’ High School are highly motivated and high progressing. The school recognizes that the students are often talented in a variety of ways, both in the affective and cognitive domains. We aim to grow the talent of every Nanyang girl, allowing every student to flourish and maximize her potential.

The NYGH Talent Development Programme is therefore offered with the following objectives:

  • Provide platforms for students to develop their talents in the different domains, both cognitive and personal
  • Provide support in terms of the students’ affective needs
  • Nurture a sense of empathy and commitment to contribute their talents as respected members of society

As the different talents and abilities of our students are identified and developed, the programme aims to inculcate in them a sense of commitment to society and the nation at large, actively encouraging them to contribute their talents for the good of society and the nation.

The Talent Development Programmes offered in NYGH

Find out about our DSA in mid-April

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