Aesthetics Talent Development

The Art Elective Programme (AEP) was first conceived in 1984 to provide art education in Singapore to grow artistic and creative capabilities in students and nurture art talents.

Nanyang Girls’ High School was one of two secondary schools in Singapore to first offer the Art Elective Programme (AEP). The AEP allows students who have an interest and potential in art to pursue an in-depth study and practice across a wide range of art media. In NYGH, the AEP is a customised four-year course designed to stimulate deeper passion for the subject, developing informed, creative and critical thinkers and makers of Art, in a way that empowers students to realise their artistic goals and vision.

Interested in AEP?

Please download the PDF brochure to find out more about the AEP offered in NYGH.


AEP has been eye-opening and insightful. This programme has encouraged me to explore different forms of artmaking. Lessons with my classmates are full of laughter and are interesting!

Tan Suan Yee

AEP has been a fulfilling experience where the exposure to alternative methods of art making have aided me in my learning tremendously. We learn as a family, forging meaningful and strong friendships along the way!

Tan Shi Ya Shianne

AEP allows for a multitude of opportunities to develop my artistic talent. It is an enriching experience that cultivates one’s passion beyond the field of art and media, allowing me to see the world in a different light.

Shi Huanrui
Global Classroom Field Trip to Taiwan
AEP Curriculum
MOE AEP Workshops
Sec 2 AEP
ArtSG Exhibition visit

Higher Music Programme (HMP)

Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH) first offered Music as an examinable subject in 2000 and this evolved into a four-year Higher Music Programme that paves a structured path for talent development in Music.

NYGH Higher Music Programme (HMP) aims to provide musically inclined students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in music and hone their abilities in listening, creating, performing and research. Aligned to the content and teaching approaches of the O-Level Music Syllabus and taking reference from the MOE Music Elective Programme, the NYGH HMP provides opportunities for students with an aptitude and interest in the subject to pursue the study of music with depth, breadth, and rigour. Through HMP, we hope to grow musical and creative capabilities in students, enable them to appreciate the role of music in human societies and empower girls to apply music to benefit the community.

Interested in HMP?

Please download the PDF brochure to find out more about the HMP offered in NYGH.


HMP gives the space and the opportunity for me to be able to interact with people of similar interests and ideas and I enjoy making music with my peers very much.

Lee Xin Ying

HMP is one of the lessons I look forward to in a week. I continued with HMP because I love the subject, and I don’t regret it at all. It is a whole new experience, and it has nurtured me to be creative and to dare to explore new elements of music!

Janette Tham Jingxuan

HMP has helped me rekindle and rediscover my love for music and has given me the liberty to explore the inexhaustible world of music. It has also introduced me to incredibly talented individuals who inspire me and motivate me, and has allowed me to forge real friendships which I have no doubt will carry on even after our secondary school years.

Dong Ziqi

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