Humanities Talent Development

Humanities Programme (HP)

At the Lower Secondary levels, Secondary 2 students who have an interest in the Humanities can seek to extend their learning in this area by partaking in the Humanities NY Enrich Programme. In this programme, students will engage in Humanities research under the guidance of teacher-mentors, participate in fieldtrips, and learn from speakers with expert knowledge.

At the Upper Secondary levels, Secondary 3 students who wish to further pursue their keenness for the Humanities outside of the classroom can choose to engage in higher-level Humanities research through one of the following platforms:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP)
  • Moot Parliament Programme (MPP)
  • Humanities Programme Research Programme
  • Humanities Research Programme

Furthermore, at Upper Secondary, the Humanities Programme is open to students who have an aptitude and passion for the Humanities and want to further develop in this area. Students in this programme will pursue Literature and either Geography or History as advanced subjects. This will allow them to engage with the subjects with more depth and engagement, increasing their understanding of the real world.

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