The school aims to nurture all students to be role models and servant leaders, who are confident to lead those around them and remain resilient in the face of challenges and changes.

Through a range of activities such as lesson discussions, on-the-job experiences and mentoring by teachers and seniors, students are developed to become caring and empathetic leaders who are capable of making informed choices, showing clarity and purpose in their thoughts and actions.


The aim of Community Education is to develop in our students the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to respectfully engage and meaningfully serve the community.

The four-year Community Education Programme (ComEd) incorporates service-learning, experiential learning and leadership development in a scaffolded manner that progresses from Exploration to Inquiry to Agency, through Service to School, Cross-Cultural Learning, SPICE (Serving People through  Innovation Creativity and Enterprise) programme, Community Leadership Programme and Self-Initiated Service-Learning Projects.


The Student Leadership Development programme undergoes regular reviews to ensure that the experiences are kept current and relevant for the students and the school, and meaningful opportunities are created for students to develop their leadership potential.

Student leaders develop their leadership knowledge, skills, values and attitudes at the following platforms: 

  • The Nanyang Student Council
  • The Board of Elected CCA Leaders 
  • The Board of Monitors
  • The Class Committee
  • The Leader Apprenticeship Programme

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