The school aims to nurture all students to be role models and servant leaders with a clear sense of agency. When faced with challenges, they remain resilient and are confident in leading others.

In NYGH, we adopt the Discover – Develop – Shine approach in Student Leadership Development. The approach focuses on catering to the different needs and potential of the students. Students discover about themselves and gain an understanding of self-leadership through class-level and cohort-level experiences. There are also opportunities for students to develop their knowledge, skills and values and to shine, for example Classroom Roles, the Leader Apprenticeship Programme at lower secondary and student-initiated projects.

Student leaders are guided by the philosophy of Servant Leadership and the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. They develop their leadership knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through on-the-job experiences, workshops, seminars, camps, service-learning projects, cross-cultural learning, self-reflection and mentoring by teachers and seniors.


The Board of Elected CCA Leaders (BEL) consists of elected Captains and Presidents from all the Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs).


The Board of Monitors (BOM) members are chosen representatives of their classes and levels.


Members in the Class Committee (CCM) support the Class Monitors in classroom management and assist Form Teachers and Subject Teachers in the day-to-day management of the class.


The Leader Apprenticeship Programme (LeAP) provides Secondary 2 and 3 students with the opportunity to serve and learn through school events and projects under the guidance of teachers and upper secondary student leaders from BEL, BOM and NYSC.


The Student Council is made up of upper secondary students selected based on their exemplary conduct, all-round good performance in class and CCA, and the commitment to serve and lead.


The Service Leadership Direct School Admission (DSA) Programme seeks to nurture leaders who place service at the heart of leadership. Students will be provided with varied authentic learning experiences to develop their 21st century competencies and leadership qualities. The training sessions will cover concepts of leadership and give the students opportunities to work in teams with like minded students to identify needs in their community and devise solutions to meet those needs. Mentoring will be provided to develop the leadership potential of the students.

(Indicated as Leadership and Character in MOE’s website)

Shortlisted Applicants

Required: e-interview
Date: 2 to 5 August

(Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email at least 1 week before the date)


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