Virtual Tour

You may have seen the iconic façade of our building from the outside. Now let us take you on a virtual tour inside and see some impressive learning spaces throughout the school.

Ai Li Hall

The Ai Li Hall is a truly multi-use facility. The only indoor venue capable of holding the entire school population, the hall has been the venue for many concerts, graduation ceremonies, weekly assemblies and sporting events as well as being the major exam venue.

Art Gallery & Studio

Artistic Gym Room

Backyard Garden and 4°C Café

Backyard Garden is an initiative in 2012 to encourage students to spend more time with nature, while 4°C Café is an initiative by students for students.


There are 10 canteen stalls in NYGH: Japanese Food, Chinese Mixed Rice, Thai Food, Noodles, Vegetarian Food, Western Food, Ban Mian, Muslim Food, Fruits & Juices, Drinks & Snacks.

Community Partners Classroom

Classrooms and Special Rooms

Students having lessons in classrooms and Special Rooms.

Computer Labs

There are three Computer Labs and one Multimedia Lab in NYGH.

Dance Studio

Food Studies Kitchen

Lecture Theatres

There are 2 Lecture Theatres in NYGH which have seating capacities of 252 persons and 160 persons respectively.


MakerSpace welcomes students and staff to make and learn using a range of tools from no-tech to high-tech tools.

Music Studios and Lab

There are 2 Music Studios and 1 Music Lab in NYGH.

Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School

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Outdoor Courts


Science Labs

There are 4 Biology Labs, 4 Chemistry Labs and 4 Physics Labs in NYGH.

Siew May Auditorium

The Siew May Auditorium, capable of seating almost 500, makes an ideal setting for level assemblies, Parent-Teacher-Meeting sessions and has showcased many theatrical performances over the years.

Sports & Performing Arts Centre

The Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) Wing augments the school’s outdoor resource venues by facilitating Physical Education (PE) lessons and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) in the event of inclement weather as well as unhealthy haze conditions. It consists of an 862 square metre Indoor Sports Hall, as well as a 250 square metre Multi-Purpose Hall, and can be accessed from the main school via an underground tunnel in the event of rainy weather.

Student Activity Centre

The warm and cosy atmosphere of the Student Activity Centre (SAC) makes it a special place where students can unwind and relax with friends. Students can enjoy different board games, or chat with Aunty Shirley, an alumnus from our school, who is on duty at the Student Activity Centre!

Yu Zhi Library

The Yu Zhi Library is generously spread over three floors. The library is not only about books. The large open area on the lower level of the library gives the library a light, airy feel. The upper-most floor of the library, originally the Media Resource Viewing Room and Media Resource Office of the library, was renovated at the end of 2006 into Special Rooms with a central area ideal for project work.

Living Spaces

Architecture Transformation

A visual journey of the architecture and spaces that help to define Nanyang.
An exploration of the changing face of the buildings: Past, present and future.

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