Bilingualism Talent Development

To develop bilingual students with bicultural perspectives and ability to navigate across cultures confidently, the school offers a wide range of learning opportunities.

Students are given the opportunity to attend different training workshops based on their passion and strength. The workshops cover a variety of skills, including emcee and debate, creative writing, editing and publishing, as well as translation. Students are encouraged to choose one of these areas to develop their linguistic and literary skills. They will get to sharpen their communication skills through various platforms. Interested students could also apply for the following programmes: Secondary 2 Literature Mentorship Programme, Upper Secondary Bicultural Studies Programme and Chinese Language Elective Programme, and Upper Secondary Humanities Programme.

Bicultural Studies Programme



The Bicultural Studies Programme offered in Nanyang Girls’ High School and Hwa Chong Institution aims to nurture bilingual and bicultural students who are passionate about learning the cultures of the East and the West and are able to navigate across cultures confidently. With an emphasis on global outlook and cosmopolitanism in citizenship education, the 2-year programme adopts a variety of approaches such as cross-cultural comparison, historical analyses and experiential learning to cultivate the critical thinking and cultural competencies of students and deepen their understanding of the history, social, economic development and international relations of contemporary China.

Students enrolled in the BSP will have the opportunity to participate in an overseas immersion programme in China, Southeast Asia and the UK or the US, to gain a deeper appreciation of the different cultures and engage with experts in the field. In addition, to develop students’ translation and leadership skills, students are also exposed to a wide range of courses and talent development programmes including Advanced Translation course, Research skills programme, Bilingual Youth Model United Nations Conference, and Member of Parliament attachment programme.

语文特选课程 (语特)
Chinese Language Elective Program (CLEP)



此外,为了培养学生的文学素养,南洋女中的语文特选课程为学生提供了丰富的深广课程与活动,其中包括在中三中四必修的华文文学鉴赏课程(Chinese Literature Appreciation Programme)、文学系列讲座、文学营、海外浸濡之旅、文学创作出版以及校本专题作业。

The Chinese Language Elective Programme at Secondary Level (CLEP-Sec) is introduced by the Ministry of Education to be implemented from 2020. It aims to nurture promising students to attain a high level of language proficiency in Chinese, and enhance their understanding of Chinese literature. The programme also aims to develop these students to become effectively bilingual so as to better serve the needs of our nation.

In this programme, students will be appreciating and analysing long and short novels, ancient and contemporary poetry,  through various approaches such as text analysis, collaborative learning and drama. The 2-year programme aims to nurture Asian Literature advocates, reflective readers, critical learners, global thinkers and inventive creators.

CLEP at NYGH provides a wide range of enrichment programmes and activities to enhance students’ learning and cultivate a deeper interest in Chinese Literature. These activities include the compulsory Sec 3-4 Chinese Literature Appreciation Programme (CLAP), Literary lecture series, camps, overseas immersion trips, publishing of literary works and school-based projects.

The Secondary 2 Literature Mentorship

Selected students are pulled out of some Language Arts lessons to study literature at greater breadth and depth.  They will complete readings, writing tasks, discussions and projects.

Humanities Programme (HP)

The Upper Secondary Humanities Programme is open to students who show good aptitude and attitude, especially in Literature and the humanities.  Students in the programme study Advanced Literature (HP), using texts that explore complex themes and issues.  They are required to do a comparative literary response to both prose and poetry. The research-based critical essay requires more rigorous research and critical reading of scholarly works.


To nurture the DSA (Bilingual) students to be effectively bilingual and bicultural, the school offers programmes beyond the classroom. The Lower Secondary students will attend fortnightly NY Enrich lessons conducted by both Chinese and English teachers to develop their language skills as well as appreciation for culture and literature. Students are also given the opportunity to attend emcee and debate training, creative writing workshops, editing training and translation workshops. Students are expected to take advantage of one of these programmes to develop their linguistic and literary skills. They will get to sharpen their skills of communication through these various platforms. They are also encouraged to apply for these special programmes: Secondary 2 Literature Mentorship Programme, Upper Secondary Humanities Programme, Upper Secondary Bicultural Studies Programme and Chinese Language Elective Programme. Students are selected into these programmes based on their passion and aptitude.

Shortlisted Applicants

Required: e-selection test & e-interview
Date: 28 July

(Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email at least 1 week before the date)

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